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Surgery on Sunday


A plastic surgeon for thirty years, helping children with cleft lips, birth defects, etc. and their families receive the services they need, Dr. Andrew Moore II will state for his entire career he has seen the need for a program to serve those who "fell between the cracks.” Dedicated to a population of people so often overlooked in the health care industry, Dr. Moore has made it his mission to see the working poor receive outpatient surgeries they would not otherwise receive due to their inability to pay.  This population is one who works hard to makes ends meet and cannot afford health insurance, yet make too much money to qualify for state or federal aide. 

Dr. Moore’s dream, a program called Surgery On Sunday, Inc (SOS), would provide free surgical services to the working poor.  In 2005 he asked for and received seed money from the Saint Joseph Foundation to begin Surgery On Sunday, a dream he feared would never be realized. Providing the surgical facility for this program was the need he could not find.  In 2005 he asked the partnership of the Lexington Surgery Center, if they would provide the operating rooms, equipment, and overhead requirements to complete the surgical cases and with their approval the home of the Surgery On Sunday was found.  Relying entirely on volunteers, Surgery On Sunday performs outpatient surgeries the third Sunday of each month utilizing volunteer physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, social workers and administrative personnel who have donated over 24,000 hours of volunteer service. 

Surgery On Sunday has exploded since its inception in 2005 processing an average of seven referrals a day and having served over 3000 people since the program began.  Currently, the waiting list for surgery is over one year long and the program is seeking other surgical centers in its area to begin their own surgery days. 

Surgery On Sunday has brought the community of Lexington Kentucky together bringing a true sense of purpose and the ability to do good things for our fellow man.  Dr. Moore is the sole person responsible for this occurring and has brought his remarkable and generous spirit to the working poor of Kentucky helping them to get back to work and feel whole again.

Dr. Andrew Moore’s dream and his realization of that dream have inspired other communities to begin their own Surgery On Sunday programs utilizing Dr. Moore’s template.  This is an extraordinary program with an incredible ability to reach many worthy individuals who are in true need of medical and surgical services.  Dr. Moore not only heals people, he inspires others to help those most in need become whole again, contributing not only to their families, but to their communities as well.